Just breathe, okay?


Remember that scene from Eat,Pray,Love where Liz and her pals were sitting in a cafe, talking about how each one of us has a word that describes us perfectly? Well, mine’s ‘alive’. What’s yours?

Well, my word maybe ‘alive’ but my name’s Sanjukta. And I’m just another 14 year old trying to leave my mark in this world.

You know what the thing is- about all of the 7 and a half billion existences in this world-? It is the very fact that irrespective of being absolutely unique and unlike anyone else in this world, we all find a bit of ourselves in every other person, every other place. A bit of our mistakes, a bit of our joy- something to connect to.

So this one’s to us- the ones who came, the ones who saw, the ones who conquered. This one’s to the ones who lived. Attraversiamo.

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