You got you. 

Wander off, my child. Don’t be scared. I’ll always be here. ‘Every beginning comes with a cause’ – have you found yours yet? 
You, my dear, are here for a reason. Let nothing cease you from journeying onto the path set for you and you only. In times of mayhem, look inside the chaos of beautiful that you’ve always been, but never realised. You are the roads and you are the traveler. You are the wilderness and all the fallen leaves that have found solace in the comfort of Mother Earth. You, are all the oceans untamed.

We are here to find. We are here because we belong. We, are vagabond. Don’t be afraid of getting lost. Neither be afraid of losing yourself. For only when you lose yourself, will you find what you’re truly capable of. 

For, my dear Alice, wonderland is better when you’re completely lost.


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