Here’s to the healers…

How would you spend your ideal day? Hmm…for me, it would be something like this- turn on the fairy lights in my room, put on some really soothing music, clear my mind of all worries and doubts and feel(maybe read Harry Potter hm). I read somewhere that music draws us closer to alignment with the spirit.  And of course, so many of us will corroborate. But, haven’t we all, at some point of time, felt frustrated about not being able to find a song apt for the moment- maybe something healing, or something to celebrate boundless exuberance, or god forbid,when you feel absolutely broken and nobody to look up to?

So, here, I bring to you a list of artists, and some of their songs, not many of us have heard of. Artists who deserve more recognition than they have now…


Lapsey TGE2015750gallery

Okay… So Låpsley here, is a British singer- songwriter, with some really catchy tunes. My favourite songs of her are ‘Hurt me‘ and ‘Falling short‘.



Tom Rosenthal is an English singer-songwriter. I like how his songs are so soothing and have this nice and catchy rhythm. His song ‘Go Solo‘ (which I think is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard) has been featured on a couple of movies and documentaries. Way to go, Tom!



Aquilo is a musical duo, consisting of Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher, from England. Their music has been described as “soft, calm electro-pop” and “a ravishingly refined sort of dreamily sad electronica“. Okay, too many difficult genres for me to differentiate between *sweats*.



Tall Heights is a musical duo from Boston. Their lyrics (as is their name) are pretty abstract and listening to their songs make me feel like I’m enveloped in whirlpool of emotions. My favourite song of them is Spirit Cold.


download (1)

Oh Wonder is (another) musical duo from London, consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. Their songs are slow, soothing and have this soft touch to it. With the piano resonating to the very depths of the heart, this is one duo of artists you should really listen to. My favourite song of theirs is All we do.



Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the stage name of singer-songwriter Tim Bettinson. His songs, like the others I’ve recommended, are equally dreamy and soothing. His voice is so beautiful, it’s like he’s touching my soul with it. My favourite song of his is Someone to Stay.

Okay, so that’s about it for today. Go take a look at these amazing artists and stay connected for more! Love x


One thought on “Here’s to the healers…

  1. Well frankly speaking after reading your post ,I heard spirit cold by tall heights and All we do by OH wonders,they were awesome and I completely agree with you that these Songwriters and singers deserve much more recognition .they are much more than being just song writers and singers they are the true healers for the soul.
    gr8 job vagabondd

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