It’s okay to not be okay…

Today is one of those days. Not the ones where I feel that the fact that nobody wants to talk to me anymore indicates that I am, after all, unparalleled (well I’m the best, what do you know). No, today is not one of those days where I get to imagine (and for a fraction of a second, believe) that I’m the coolest person in the world.
No, today is one of those days where I bury my head in a pillow, to a point where it actually hurts it (because sometimes when you hurt, you know you’re alive) and punch into the mattress pretending it’s a person. Today, I cry my heart out and blame myself for being a straight up pile of crap. But other than that, today, I appreciate that it’s okay to not be okay.
Well, whoever said crying is for the weak? No my dear, for crying only makes you feel alive and what should you hold, if not wild, hurricane-like emotions? What makes you human, if not the capacity to feel? Thus, it is ‘okay’ after all to feel anger and to want to punch a hole in the mattress (mind you, I said mattress and not wall) ; it is ‘okay’ to feel sadness and to feel your tears roll down your cheeks and be the only one who tastes them ; it is okay to be an avalanche of woe one day, and the most beautiful ray of sunshine on the next. But the least you must do every day, is feel. For you are only human, and it is okay to not be okay.


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