I got that Wakhra Swag!


Well, my tittle may have reminded you of the popular Punjabi rap song by Badshah (one of my favourites) but when i actually got to know what Wakhra Swag meant, my curiosity got the better of me, and I ended up writing this post.

So read on to explore the deeper meaning of Wakhra Swag!


Wakhra swag actually means unique style,every one on planet Earth is born with his own swag- own style of living. Each soul born, is like finger print- no two are identical.

But sadly, in this world, where following is the new trend and leading is the old follower, people tend to follow rather than lead, which makes them lose their uniqueness. Instead of appreciating their own god gifted style, they try to run behind others.

In my 14 year old journey of life, I have encountered many who follow, but sadly only 1% who lead. I find no harm in experimenting new trends,new ways. This is just like saying if Thomas Alva Edison would have continued using fire for lighting, how would a bulb ever have been born? If Colonel Sanders wouldn’t have continued experimenting, despite having failed a 1000 times, how would KFC have ever been born (I mean come on, who can imagine life without KFC) and so on ….

Concluding my post, I would love to shed a piece of advice- Follow your instincts and the world will follow you.  Never be afraid of experimenting because, as they say, you are one of a kind.

Happy leading!!! I am a leader. Are you?


~Risha Saini


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