Tonight, as I find myself in an unknown, abandoned neighborhood, I realize that I walked myself into this and I don’t know if there’s any turning back.
Retreating was never my thing, but this search for home seems to have no end. As I fake promise to give up this irrational attitude towards life, I find myself soliloquizing, “You know what, let’s go home tonight.” And this exactly is where the so quaint yet ever so perplexing question arises- have you found home yet?

Where is home? What is home? Ever so often, we see people saying that home may not be the same as a house with doors, windows and a backyard. So, what is home to you? Can your home be home to me? And mine to you?

I stand here alone in this deserted street, awaiting some sort of revelation, saying, ‘This is home.’ 
But right now, all I can see is you around me and my heart pulsating faster than it ever did and I’m falling to my knees with tears streaming down all over my face and I’m the only one who tastes them, as I had always been. Am I in Divine presence? 

I cannot seem to contemplate your veracious beauty and your sheer magnificence. God, I was just looking for home and I think I’ve found it. It’s you. It’s always been. Are you attainable?


P.S.: Here, home may not refer to a particular person and of course never in romantic sense. I do not confine myself to the mere comfort of human beings (no offence meant). What I have referred to, is alignment with the Spirit. 



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