Earth Day is a holy festival and Mama Earth is my God.

They tell me I’m mad,
When I switch off the lights when they’re not needed.
But don’t you think it’s just stupid
To switch’em on when there’s already enough for readin’.

They ask me what’s the point,
Even though they never understand it,
Why I take my water home if I cannot finish it,
And drink it through the rest of the day so it does not go wasted.

They write essays for assignments and then throw them away.
Because, to them, a cleaner and greener planet never made sense anyway.

They blissfully handover their ice cream wrappers to me,
When i ask them not to litter the roads.
Less burden for you, its okay.
But unlike you, i have a dustbin at home.

Since years and years, we’ve been told that time shall come when the world gulps us down.
We’ve been on the brink ever since I remember,
But it’s here, it’s time.
Now, we drown.

I may be mad, but societal collapse is real.
NASA says there were 32 civilisations before us that didn’t make it till here.
Everything that was wiped out. Everything that left us here.

I don’t know if there’s time left.
I personally don’t think so.
But if we go down,
Lets not take Mama Earth with us.

// Sanjukta Bhowal //


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