Home (part III)

Look me in the eye. I said look me in the eye, will you? I'd be lying if I said I hadn't fallen in love with you tonight. But unless you come to me and let me hold you to my bosom, tonight, I probably will lie. My heart is too worn out to shatter, … Continue reading Home (part III)


How many poisons can you choose, Viv?

Yesterday, I came home to an ocean of tears and yells piercing every square inch of my skin. They say it's okay; to fight is normal. But I ceased to understand What okay meant the day the illustrated dictionary on my shelf was replaced by self help books. Grades-okay. Waistline-okay. Relationship status-okay. Smoking-okay. Lung function … Continue reading How many poisons can you choose, Viv?

Home (Part II)

Don't tell me I'm pretty. Don't tell me about home. I didn't know what home was, until Mama built me one.  I lost my soul to the river and I should tell you, this is not what free used to feel like. I could take you to the banks but, you should know, not many … Continue reading Home (Part II)

You fought in vain. I loved you all along.

To love, And all the things unsaid, Should I set you free? Or have you grown acquainted with this captivity? Flee... To places far and beyond, Where no eyes have yet seen. To love, And all the things unsaid, I hold you close, And love you deep- Deeper than you've etched yours scars on me. … Continue reading You fought in vain. I loved you all along.

अब जाने न दो यारों …

तुम कहते हो जाने भी दो यारों, हम कहते हैं अब जाने न दो यारों। केदारनाथ ने पानी बरसाया। कितने बेघर हुए, कितने हुए आहत। हमनें भी कुछ आँसू बहाएँ, लेकिन फिर हम ही वह लोग थें जो कहें अब जाने भी दो यारों। प्रकृति पर हम प्रहार करते हैं। पेड़ काटकर घर बनाते हैं। … Continue reading अब जाने न दो यारों …


When the music's turned on, and this emptiness begins to settle in, turn the lights off and cling to your shallow feelings. Follow the lullaby- it sings for you and me. When the brokenness mends, and you want to emote, look up to the sky- it is now home to me. When the light finally … Continue reading Red