I was there too, you know…

I come home to teary eyes and empty hearts. But that's okay, as long as I can dream of you in my arms. Walk with me, if I have to walk on shards of glass. Walk with me, if home is not where I belong. Fifty shades of blood, another fifty of you, think of [...]


What I saw at the bottom of the pit I fell into…

I'm falling in the pit of pretty and all I can see is a staunch wall of azure and black; my eyes stopped seeing anything but art ever since you stole into my mini bar and spilled red wine on the ugly portrait I made of you. Two days later, I couldn't find the canvas [...]

You fought in vain. I loved you all along.

To love, And all the things unsaid, Should I set you free? Or have you grown acquainted with this captivity? Flee... To places far and beyond, Where no eyes have yet seen. To love, And all the things unsaid, I hold you close, And love you deep- Deeper than you've etched yours scars on me. [...]

ये फासलें…

I reminisced of her one day last month. The last picture I saw of her ; her hair had grown so many inches than the last time I saw her. When? I don't remember. 6 years ago, I think. फासले नहीं मिटा सकती अब मैं । और तुम ? तुम्हें अहसास ही कब था फासलों [...]

अब जाने न दो यारों …

तुम कहते हो जाने भी दो यारों, हम कहते हैं अब जाने न दो यारों। केदारनाथ ने पानी बरसाया। कितने बेघर हुए, कितने हुए आहत। हमनें भी कुछ आँसू बहाएँ, लेकिन फिर हम ही वह लोग थें जो कहें अब जाने भी दो यारों। प्रकृति पर हम प्रहार करते हैं। पेड़ काटकर घर बनाते हैं। [...]


When the music's turned on, and this emptiness begins to settle in, turn the lights off and cling to your shallow feelings. Follow the lullaby- it sings for you and me. When the brokenness mends, and you want to emote, look up to the sky- it is now home to me. When the light finally [...]