I like to discuss literature, philosophy and romanticism. Apparently, these things are insignificant in today’s tech-driven and social-media-influenced lifestyle. I’m not condemning that lifestyle, mind you (although it has stolen a lot of things from me and deemed me a downright misfit, which HONESTLY is NOT a brag-worthy tag(which is also something I like to discuss – how people toss about unhealthy tags and pseudo-romanticize mental conditions)). Yet, for anyone who cares, it is too shallow for my realm of interests. Which is why you will only find me on WordPress (and maybe, just maybe if Gods permit, and our spirits are divinely intertwined, somewhere in this vast, vast world where art and prosetry prevail in all their glory and unadulterated essence).

Please feel free to contact me. I am open to discuss all things NOT-shallow and NOT-meaningless. I believe we all have a community (which is why I believe no man is a downright introvert or outcast- which is yet another tag certain people like to flaunt. Point is, some of us just haven’t found our community yet) which we find through the chasmic course of our lives. You’re lucky if you’re born into it. I can’t see mine for miles to come, but I pray I will find it, I pray.